Bruce Arlen Wasserman Studio

artist statement

I am fascinated by the ability of clay to flow and form from a seemingly lifeless lump in my hands to my expression of a vantage point and microcosmic world view. All this happens as the potters wheel spins quietly in front of me and my fingers press, compress, expand and deform the clay into a shape reflecting its ultimate purpose.

Each line and every deformation of the clay body expresses meaning for me. The piece as a whole has a synergy that invites the ceramic-o-phile to participate in its unique twist on life. A cup becomes more than just an object of utility—it reaches out as my personal expression.

I design my objects to enhance the experience of the end user. Each sip from a cup expresses a potential that the clay can continue to fulfill its purpose in informing the drinker’s day. I believe it enables a transformation to take place—a routine act, sipping tea, becomes a tea ceremony of one’s own creation. The created object opens the door to a venue that would otherwise be missed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It invites a quietness and the potential for reflection which has been lost in the sea of mass-produced sameness prevalent in today’s culture.

Because my creative training and experience has been multifaceted, I find myself drawing from the reservoir which springs from my background of working in iron and wood. I believe my designs in clay ultimately are informed by my early life as a blacksmith and my continued exploration of the working of iron and wood and their interactions.