Bruce Arlen Wasserman Studio

studio process

I create work in my studio from high-fired stoneware and porcelain using a variety of processes. Much of my work is created by hand throwing on a potters wheel. In this process, a lump of clay is centered and expanded to its final shape while on the wheel. I very much enjoy the spontaneity of the wheel, therefore much of the alteration and deformation of my thrown pieces happens while the work is still attached to the wheelhead.

I also have developed pieces which are constructed using hand-building techniques, and some of my work combines both throwing and hand-building. Each piece is constructed with intent to express its aesthetic to the user.

All of my work is twice fired—once in an electric kiln to bisque temperatures and a second firing for glazing each piece. This final firing takes place in either a wood fired kiln (a kiln which uses a wood burning firebox to bring the work to glaze temperatures), or in a gas fired kiln. With both firings I utilize reduction firing to bring out the properties and interaction I seek from my clay bodies and glazes.